MS4 Storm Water Management

The next time you get a glass of water from your faucet, think about this. Most of our drinking water comes from our rivers.

When the rain falls and the snow melts, the water runs off our roofs and yards, down into our streets and roads. Anything in the path of the storm water goes straight down our storm drains.  And right into our rivers.  Trash.  Paint.  Oil.  Fertilizers.  Animal waste.  All of it is flushed into the same rivers we get our drinking water from.

But there are solutions. Dedicated people and municipalities are working to get it right now.  And you can help.

Properly dispose of harmful chemicals, paints, motor oils instead of pouring them down storm drains. Replace chemical fertilizers with organic ones and use them sparingly to reduce harmful runoff. Don’t put animal waste into storm drains.

Clean water starts in our backyards. Go to 3 Rivers Wet Weather for a free guide on how you can help.



MS4-Storm Water Management Info