Building & Electrical Inspector

A Building and/or Electrical Permit is required for any proposed alterations, demolition or additions, interior or exterior to a property.

A Zoning Certificate may also be required along with the Building Permit to ensure proposed addition is in accordance with Township Zoning Ordinance.

Some common additions and their requirements are listed below.  Please check with Township Office or Building Inspector with any questions you might have.

Building Inspector

Steve Volpe
412-823-6602 x105

Building Inspector Office Hours

Monday: 9:00am – 11:00am

Electrical Inspector

Dave Platt

Electrical Inspector does not hold office hours at the Municipal Building. He can be reached at: 412-364-0131

Siding, Windows, Doors, Driveways, Shingles only: No Permit required

Fence: Zoning Certificate only is required (please include drawing of fence placement on property and fences can be placed on property line)

Pool:  Zoning Certificate & Building Permit is required

Deck: Zoning Certificate & Building Permit is required

Storage Shed < 120 sq/ft:  Zoning Certificate only is required

Storage Shed >120 sq/ft:  Zoning Certificate & Building Permit is required (storage sheds must be placed 5ft from property line)


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